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Tony’s new book, his second in 2013, has just been released by Spain’s Editorial Amarante.  It’s a collection of nine horror and suspense stories, including “El pobre niño hombre lobo,” about a boy who sees the 1941 movie THE WOLF MAN and is convinced that he will turn into a werewolf, “El tiro por la culata,” in which a man ends his own life so that he can exact revenge, from the beyond, upon his neighbor, and “El frío,” a tale about an immigrant family trying to cope with cold weather for the first time.  It’s a brisk and twisted volume of some of Tony’s darkest stuff!

Download through the publisher, EDITORIAL AMARANTE:

Download through AMAZON.COM:


New *¡flash!* fiction

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minatura126(Fobias)portadaTony returns to the pages of miNatura! The award-winning magazine of the brief and the fantastic, from Spain, has just published two of Tony’s new stories: “Desvelado” and “¡Chinches!” The magazine, originally only in Spanish, is now also available in English, so the stories (“Sleepless” and “Stink bugs!”) appear in both languages. Also in this issue, a write-up about Tony’s new novel DEAD, AND MUST TRAVEL.

SPANISH version (Tony’s stuff on pages 26, 59, 89):

ENGLISH version (Tony’s stuff on pages 25, 56, 66):


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deadandmusttravelCOVERFINAL4-23-2013Tony’s new book, DEAD, AND MUST TRAVEL, is out now on Kindle. It’s the story of Estrago Smith, a reluctant Puerto Rican who returns to the world after dying and being buried in Pittsburgh. The book is full of adventure and humor, as Estrago embarks on a journey of discovery. For people who may not have a Kindle, remember that you can download a free app for your device (iPad, PC, MAC, smart phone, etc.) through the Kindle Store on So get reading! Download DEAD, AND MUST TRAVEL:

Don’t cry for Tony, Argentina!

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…the truth is Tony’s short story “La Julio Verne,” about a rocket ship captain who comes face to face with Captain Nemo, was just published in the sci-fi magazine PROXIMA—available in bookstores and newsstands all over the South American country.  So, if you’re in Buenos Aires, pick up a copy.  If you’re not anywhere near the pampas, here are the magazine cover (by Guillermo Vidal) and the illustration accompanying the story (by Javier Coscarelli):ProximaBaezMilan


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Tony’s sci-fi, mythological, steam-punkish short film MYTH PROLOGUE received an honorary mention at the ALIENS TO ZOMBIES FILM FESTIVAL in Hollywood, California. The film features extensive make-up and cg special effects, with character and production design by Dorian Cleavenger.  SEE A TRAILER:

New short story online

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EL COLOQUIO DE LOS PERROS, a digital literature magazine from Spain, has published Tony’s brand new and creepy short story “Retratos,” about a family whose members are infatuated with their own portraits. READ THE STORY: